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Krissi Reeves

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Krissi Reeves is a creative entrepreneur, arts organizer and storyteller. Krissi co-founded the East Austin music and performing arts venue, The North Door. In her time there, she led all marketing and PR efforts, as well as serving as an onsite producer, producing hundreds of live performances in one of Austin's most unique and inclusive spaces for music, comedy and theater.

Krissi Reeves owns High Kick Communications, a boutique PR and event company working with a roster of Austin’s best cultural attractions and community organizations. Krissi also served as regional director of public relations at The VOX Agency where she amplified the stories of dozens of hospitality, lifestyle, and entertainment brands. Prior to her communications trek, Krissi co-founded East Austin music and performing arts venue, The North Door and toured her work as a poet and storyteller. Krissi is a passionate advocate of Austin's creative and animal communities. She currently serves on the City of Austin Arts Commission and the Austin Humane Society Event Committee.  

Krissi has also enjoyed a vibrant trek as a writer, performer and storyteller. Her award-winning work has been featured at San Francisco Fringe Festival, Long Center for the Performing Arts, Paramount Theatre, Inspire Theatre in Downtown Las Vegas etc.. These days, you can find her performing at Austin’s storytelling and variety shows.

Somewhere along the way, Krissi developed a curious fascination with neuroscience and slow jams. 

As an active member of the Austin community, Krissi serves on the City of Austin Arts Commission and as the Chair of the Austin Humane Society Event Committee.

Krissi is a writer, storyteller and solo performer. Her work has been featured at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, Hyde Park Theater's Frontera Fest and on Austin stages such as The Long Center for the Performing Arts and the Paramount Theater.  


Holly McCord

Holly McCord, a Texan with a tool belt full of practical experience in maximizing impact for small businesses and emerging brands.    

As owner and operator of the indie-centic live entertainment production and promotion agency Represent Austin, Holly managed the careers and packed the houses for a stable of Austin musicians and performance venues. 

Her work as a business manager and boss-of-the-block for successful Austin brands such as Mint Salon and Royal Blue Grocery -- a high-volume urban market -- honed her operational skill set and magnified her expertise in world-class customer service and client satisfaction. And she has a strong dedication for curating the right vibe and creating culture for her environments and projects.


Her ability to adapt and succeed started at a very early age.  When the singing telegram business she started in the 4th grade got shut down by local authorities (her dad) for being too successful, she pivoted by choreographing dance routines and charging the neighbors to attend her performances.

Holly is driven by her passion for community and belief in the power of people.  It is her mission to find the unique and often-overlooked strengths that exist in each of us, allowing the individuals around her to truly shine. Holly's favorite pastime is exploring and adventuring around in nature with her sassy Golden Retriever, Abbe. 


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